Make your targeted digital HCP interactions work harder.

Convert your campaigns into fast actionable opportunities.

RxCampaign offers value added marketing services to the life sciences industry.

Directly accessed by 90% of reps, RxCampaign powered by RxTro® supports marketing initiatives to improve the effectiveness and provides qualified access opportunities, supports engagement and provides insights to improve your customer’s experience.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how you can generate more quality leads and better insights from your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns.

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Boost engagement with clinics, practices and individual healthcare professionals. Our clients turned over 100 campaigns into over 50,000 customer initiated engagements in 2021.

Fax & EDM

Are you using faxes to support your digital strategy? Find out how RxCampaign uses the latest technology to ensure your faxes and EDMs delivers your marketing and sales teams engagement opportunities.

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Digital Media

Discover how a unique collaboration between RxCampaign and Australian Doctor Group can deliver customer centered services for you and your customers.

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Customer Experience

Your customers demand responses with 24 hours. Is your ‘contact us’ or digital inquiry going to a ‘dead end’. Turn digital responses in to qualified leads.

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Powered by RxTro®

No more lost enquires and track where all your customer requests go. All RxCampaign requests can be directly funneled to the designated local representative via RxTro® for immediate fulfillment.

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